Who is the galloping housewife?

For a start she is not necessarily a she. She might be a he or a they. She might not be a wife or even a partner, she might be happily single, looking for love, married to her job or have found her soul mate at 16 and never looked back. She might be a parent. If she is, they are extraordinary kids, but not always in a good way. She owns pets, or rather, they own her. She might be surrounding by a pack of dogs wherever she goes, have one loyal companion, or be the personification of the crazy cat lady. She may or may not work for a living. If she works it is in a business she is passionate about and she wouldn’t leave it for the world, especially because it pays for her addiction to horses. If she doesn’t work she is involved in a number of community projects, from school fund raisers to saving the whales on a global scale. No matter what she does, she is always. running. late. Not much, she has too much respect for other people to waste their time, but somehow she is always just a little bit late, a little bit flustered.

The galloping housewife is an amateur rider - she owns one or two horses and competes in a variety of disciplines at a low to medium level. She loves being with her horse and hacking through the countryside. Her horses are nice. Not fabulous Valegro types, just useful allrounders who generally come to the party, sometimes are naughty and occasionally surprise both horse & rider with their ability. Kind of like that perfect golf shot when you've been hacking into the trees for the rest of the round. Sometimes she wonders why she does this but then she hugs her horse and remembers it is all worthwhile.

She presents herself well but misses a piece of straw in her hair or mud on her breeches or a poo stain on her horse. She is the one who will go to the loo between her third and fourth high powered corporate meeting of the day and only then notice that Trigger slobbered on her white collar while mucking out in the morning. She would love to pay more attention to her health and fitness, but by the time she staggers back into the house at 8pm after a 5am start she decides that wine & crisps are a perfect representation of the food pyramid.

The galloping housewife is you. She is me. And together we’re going to go on a journey to put the joy back into riding, reignite the flame in your soul and go chase down some dreams.

the galloping housewife...


...makes money

big bucks

...gets fit

kick on

...loves her life

stable life