the one that went viral
This is the post that I wrote in a few minutes that ended up going viral – at last count nearly 2,000,000 different people have seen it on Facebook. For […]
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I did the David Goggins 4 x 4 x 48 challenge and found it easy. Let’s backtrack a bit. For years I’ve been convinced that ordinary, average, middle-aged women are […]
a photo of me typing at the computer, showing my hands. There is a coffee cup in the foreground.
Most of those close to me will be like ‘let me write a list’. And the truth is, I’ve got a list as well, because like every galloping housewife I […]
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This was first published in June last year (2022), the day after I said goodbye to my pirate horse. Yesterday I had to make the hardest decision. The decision that […]
As I write this, I’m in pain. Not emotional or spiritual, but undeniable physical pain. Two days ago, I caught the ferry with my dog to Arran, walked along the […]
everyone needs a reason blog
Everyone needs a reason to get up in the morning. If the galloping housewife had to declare the meaning of life, it would be that everyone needs a reason to […]
going away
If you get the galloping housewife’s emails you will be aware that she went on holiday last week. It was amazing. A whole week of lying about in the sun and eating […]