Don't exercise. Move.

Last year I moved to Scotland. For the first two months I was horseless and homeless, so I took advantage of the stunning surroundings and took to walking the hills. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed that. Here's what I wrote at the time.


I mean I’m like everyone else, I dislike exerting myself. I have been a runner and NGL, it does get to a point where I kind of like it. But there is definitely a period of just getting out there and doing it and mostly hating it before I get anywhere near this point of thinking its worth it.

As you’ll know I advocate doing something you enjoy for exercise. It’s almost (almost!) enough to make you forget that you’re sweating and puffing while you’re having such a good time. Playing tennis with your dad, riding your horse, dancing with your mates, chasing your kids down the beach, cycling around town with your partner… you get the idea.

When the galloping housewife moved to Scotland, she went walking, mainly because she didn’t have anything else to do, partly because the dog needed a walk, partly because she likes to have a look around and partly because it’s kind of the thing you do up here.

What she did not expect was that she would really, really, really enjoy it. There’s something cool about heading out into the back country with your dog and a map and no one else around and just seeing where you end up. The fantastic views are a bonus. Most of the time.

The thing is, if I hadn’t gone for that first walk, I’d never have known that I actually enjoy it so much. Give it some thought. Is there something that you’re even mildly curious about, that you’re holding back on? Maybe you’ve been asked to join a social netball team and you’re pretty sure you’re shit because you haven’t played since you were at primary school but you know the rest of the team and they’re really good craic and, well, what’s the harm in giving it a go?

Find your happy place. Don’t exercise. Move.

cartoon of a woman on a white horse jumping a cross country fence

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