Easy does it

If anyone has been in the galloping housewife’s space for a while and especially if you’ve signed on to the Skinny Bitch Code, you’ll know that she is a fan of doing things slowly. Or rather making changes slowly.

There’s a very valid physiological reason for that. Our bodies have a natural stasis point. We’re designed to hold a set weight, a set level of fitness. This is why crash diets and intense fitness programmes are bloody awful ideas if you’re after sustained results. Nearly always, you’ll end up back where you started. Sometimes in an even worse state.

We need to shift the needle, and that needle only shifts when the baseline is moved in a way that our hormones can keep up.

Which brings us to the psychological reason. Massive changes suck. They’re hard work. No one likes being hungry and no one likes being sore. Yet it’s more compelling than that. 

When we give up some foods cold turkey, there are side effects. These are legitimate withdrawal effects, exactly the same as if we were coming off drugs as drugs trigger exactly the same hormones that food and exercise and enjoyment do – that’s how they addict us and that’s why mac and cheese and chocolate really are comfort foods. 

If we are going to make long term real changes that are sustainable, you need to get your brain and your body onside. All those weirdos that talk about how eating well makes them feel great and how they get an endorphin rush from exercise, when you’re crying in the corner because you miss your cookies and hating every second of your gentle jog, are speaking their truth.

It is possible for you to feel this way, too. Find out how to harness your mind and body for change with the science based Skinny Bitch Code. Easy does it.


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