Fat? It's not your fault.

As the galloping housewife sat watching the news recently, she was distracted from the socio-political commentary by the appearance of the people being interviewed. Every single individual of the community involved, from children to elderly, from homeless to government official, was fat.

Not just carrying a few Covid Kilos, morbidly obese.

As a global community we are facing an obesity pandemic that is having a huge (no pun intended) impact on our health, our economy, our society as a whole. Governments and organisations are responding with a bunch of ineffective, arbitrary, and knee-jerk reactions.

We’ve got calorie counts on menus, insurance policies tied to exercise targets, and never-ending glossy advertising campaigns. 

Any middle-aged woman who has tried to lose a few pounds will tell you, these strategies are destined to fail.

We’re not bloody stupid. We know that if we eat better food and move more, we won’t be fat anymore, right? Right??

Only that’s only half the story. It’s the incredibly dangerous half of the story.

 It places the blame for the obesity crisis in the hands of the individuals. It says that we’re fat because we make bad choices. It says we’re overweight because we are not strong enough. It says we’re chubby because we are bad people.

The galloping housewife is here to tell you right now that this is not true. If you’re on the scale of chunky to grandiose, it’s not your fault.

Take a look at any footage from the middle of last century and you’ll struggle to see anyone even mildly overweight. Compare that with anything recent and the picture has changed wildly.

Have we become lazy in the last 50 years? Are we really that much stupider, weaker, more idle?

Of course not.

We have changed though. We’ve changed as a society. Our environment has changed. Our food environment has changed. And that has changed our physiology.

It’s changed our hormones and our metabolism.

Our hormones and our metabolism don’t just change how our bodies use the food we provide them with, they change the choices we make about the food that we provide them with. It’s a whole self-perpetuating cycle, meaning that we are destined to get fatter and fatter.

Or are we? 

The short answer is no. Just as we’ve changed our physiology with what we’ve been eating, we can use nutrition to change it back. To hit reset. So that once again we can be as lean and fit as we need to be. Easily. Without effort. Like our parents and grandparents were.

We can reverse these changes in months, not decades. All it takes is the knowledge about the effect that what you are eating has on your basic physiology.

The galloping housewife has done the research and the hard work of making it easy to understand and easy to apply.

No matter if you’ve just got a few Covid Kilos to ditch, or if your spare tyres are more permanent than that, you can hit reset. And start worrying about whether you will ever get your horse on the bit or through the water jump, instead of what you look like in white breeches.

Join the Skinny Bitch Code today and start your journey to health.

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