Get in the shape FOR your life

Get in the shape for your life.


No, the galloping housewife hasn’t lost the plot and her ability to structure a sentence with it. She means exactly what she says. Forget getting in the shape of your life. Aim for the shape for your life.


Aim for the level of health that will allow you to do whatever it is that you want to do without a second thought. If you want to play tennis, then make sure you’ve got the aerobic fitness for a 40 minute mid intensity interval session. If you want to go hiking, make sure you’ve not only got the strength and endurance to get up the hill, but also the joints and quads to make it back down safely, too. If park run is your goal, then you need to be able to sustain a gentle jog for at least 30 minutes without passing out. And if your aim is to go eventing you’ll need the core stability and necessary puff to keep you off your horses neck for the last 5 fences once the adrenaline wears off.


Aim for the physique that gives you confidence and happiness. It doesn’t matter if your personal style is lean or voluptuous, what matters is that if you got a call right now and asked out to a gig or a dinner or a drink or told to grab your passport and pack a bag because you’re on your way for a weekend break, the one thing you wouldn’t be freaking out about is your size. The galloping housewife’s personal benchmark is her competition kit. As long as she can button her coat and zip her boots up, she feels fine.


Aim for the shape that is easy. The one that you can maintain on your budget, your schedule and that doesn’t require a science degree or mountain of willpower. A galloping housewife doesn’t need to sacrifice. A galloping housewife doesn’t need to go hungry. A galloping housewife hasn’t got time to spend extra hours in the gym. A galloping housewife doesn’t need to be constantly thinking about what she’s going to eat next. A galloping housewife doesn’t need to worry about going out for dinner or to a party and feeling guilty about eating cake and drinking champagne. Or worse yet, turning it down.


Get in shape, by all means. But get in shape for your life. To live your life.


If you need any help, the Skinny Bitch Code is ready and waiting. Easy to follow, real life advice for galloping housewives.

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