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A couple of weeks ago the galloping housewife posted a picture of herself on social media talking about how she felt out of shape and that it was time for her to get fit. She had a lot of messages about this – more than just about anything else she has posted. Firstly, people said she wasn’t out of shape at all and secondly that it was easy for her to say that…

They were right. While the galloping housewife is not as fit as she’d like to be, relatively speaking, compared to ‘average’, she is in great nick! And it is easy for her to improve. But not for the reasons you might think.

The galloping housewife is busy. She is a mum of two active teenagers. She is a business owner – currently the sole breadwinner for the family. She has many interests and social engagements and she volunteers for various groups in the community.

The galloping housewife is middle-aged. She is fast approaching 50 years old and is peri-menopausal.

The galloping housewife has many injuries. She has fallen off lots of horses in her time! She has a frozen shoulder from being bucked off a fresh youngster and breaking her shoulder blade. She has back pain from a herniated disc that she has been managing since she was 8 years old. (She was told at the time she’d never ride horses again…) She has arthritis in her hips and her hands, she has plantar fasciitis in her feet and Dupuytren’s contractures in her hands. And that’s just the stuff she’s thinking about as she sits here writing this.

The galloping housewife is not naturally athletic. On a scale of nerd to jock, she is firmly ensconced at the geek end. As a kid she was the last to be picked for every team, the one everyone waited for to crawl over the finish line. Every physical skill she has, she has learned.

The galloping housewife loves food. Good food, rich food, decadent food. She loves to create lavish dinner parties and is a self confessed ‘foodie’ who adores a fine dining experience, who thinks that a perfect evening is fish & chips on the beach with a bottle of Sav and who has been known to have a steak & cheese pie washed down with a bottle of lager for breakfast. She is enabled in this behaviour by a husband who has worked in wine and champagne for the majority of their married lives.

The galloping housewife puts on weight as easy as the next person. She can gain 4 or 5 kgs over a two week period and has at various times been well on the way to porky.

Yet it is easy for her to get in shape. Ridiculously so.

She knows that she can lose the 4 or so extra kgs that have snuck on over a summer of indulgence and inactivity, that she can be fit and strong enough to tackle anything in a matter of weeks. She knows that she doesn’t have to sacrifice date nights, turn down party invitations, get up with the birds and pound the pavement, go hungry or shell out for a personal trainer and chef.

Her advantage is knowledge. She knows how different food & exercise affect the body. She knows what and when to eat for maximum impact. She knows how and what exercise works for particular outcomes. 20 years of working as a nurse and countless hours studying and researching nutrition and fitness are all floating around inside her head and now she has decided it is time to share this information. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to lose a kilo or two or fifty, to get fitter, change shape or feel sharper, to rehab from illness or injury, to maintain or to gain, the advice you need is here.

She’d love you to come on this journey with her.

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  • As a slightly overweight and wheezy 64 year old I’m always interested in ways to improve fitness. I do Eventfit with Dr Jenni Douglas and that’s really helped but anymore info always good. I had to laugh at some of your other comments – I used to have a friend at work who checked my hair for hay every morning….

    Sue Eaton

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