It's not your fault

The galloping housewife is on a mission to free middle-aged women from constantly dieting, from constantly worrying about their weight and their health. Not that you shouldn’t be concerned about these things. Obesity is a public health crisis. It is a risk factor in multiple chronic diseases from diabetes to cancer, heart failure to arthritis. Having a lower body mass makes movement and sport easier and more enjoyable. Paying attention to your nutrition increases mental acuity and improves memory and sleep. Plus, every galloping housewife deserves to look and feel fabulous!


Rather, the galloping housewife wants to give you the information you need to be able to make the choices that fit with your taste, your lifestyle, your preferences, your time, your interest and for the health and fitness to simply be a by-product of that.


The problem with nearly every programme and plan out there is that they are far too prescriptive and restrictive. They tell you the what’s and not the why’s. You have to follow them exactly or you’ll end up back at square one and there’s no accounting for individual needs.


But the worst thing about them is what they tell you about yourself. They say that it’s your fault you’re fat and unfit. They imply that if only you had more willpower you’d be in shape. That’s completely false. If you look back just 40 years, you’d hardly see a fat person in your community and now they’re a daily sight, no matter which corner of the globe you inhabit.


The truth is that people as a whole haven’t suddenly lost their moral fibre in the last generation and a half – it’s our environment that has changed. More specifically our food environment. The key to improved health is to understand how that’s changed so that you can change yours back. Not everywhere, but enough to count. Because like everything else there’s an 80:20 rule in play. If you make good choices 80% of the time, the last 20% will take care of itself. And life’s too short not to drink champagne and eat cake.


If you’d like to know more about the galloping housewife’s madness behind her method, she’s got a short e-book available as a tester on her website.


For now, just know – it’s not your fault.

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