The body heals itself

The Skinny Bitch Code is so much more than just being about looking hot in a bikini at 50. That’s simply a side effect of being well; the definition of wellness including the absence of disease. The galloping housewife has a bit of experience in people getting well, with 20 years of acute care nursing under her belt. The biggest misconception about medicine is that it is the thing that heals.

Every medication, every treatment, every surgery is simply us creating the environment that your body needs to fix itself. We put a fracture in place and pop a cast on, and your bone regenerates and remodels until it’s better than new. We give you antibiotics to suppress the infection so your wound can close itself. We cut out a tumour so that your organs have space to do what they need to do.

There’s a lot of fuss about food as medicine and so-called superfoods, and, like every fad out there, there is some truth to it. It’s not that what you eat can cure Type 2 diabetes, or your irritable bowel, or prevent you getting Alzheimer’s. It’s that the food you eat provides the nutrients and triggers the hormones and enzymes you need for the body to heal itself. 

And the best bit? Your body doesn’t want you to eat ‘perfectly’. It needs you to treat yourself from time to time, to keep all the systems primed and in good order, so that when the assault arrives, from illness or injury, it will function just as it’s designed to do.

To find out more about how you can feed your body to heal itself and you can attain the health and fitness level that you deserve, effortlessly, join the Skinny Bitch Code today. Payment plan available. You deserve it!


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