We’re all different and we’re all the same.

When the galloping housewife decided to train as a nurse, her cousin rang her and asked her why the hell she wasn’t going to med school. She had the grades, she had the ability, why wouldn’t she want the opportunity to become a doctor instead. The truth was, she had absolutely zero inclination to commit the next ten years of her life to study and training.

She had watched this cousin and her husband go through it. She had visited their house for dinner in the lead up to exams and seen one of them only for the fifteen minutes it took to ingest the meal before retreating back to the books and the learning. It wasn’t living.

Yet all this study and all this learning still had a beginning and an end. The human body is a finite entity. Despite us all being unique individuals, there’s only so many ways that the cells we’re made up of can be organised. We all have basically the same systems running us, the same mechanisms at our disposal.

Which should mean that what works for one, works for all.

Yet time and time again this is shown to be wrong.

The same cereals that fuel an endurance athlete to run marathons will send a person with coeliac disease to hospital.

The same milk products that give one population healthy bones and prevent osteoporosis are simply not tolerated by another.

The same nuts that are an excellent source of protein for one person will literally kill their neighbour.

When you add to the physical diversity the divergence in taste, in preferences, in ability, in environment, in climate, in resources, in accessibility, in needs and in values, you begin to understand that there is no way in hell that any single method for attaining and maintaining health will work for all.

Yet there is a single core characteristic that we all share.

Our need for survival.

Our compulsion to stay alive is hardwired into us. As a nurse of 20 years I have witnessed death many times. And although some of these passings have been peaceful, absolutely no one gives up willingly. Everyone wants just one breath more, everyone’s heart flickers and falters before it goes quiet, long after conscious awareness has passed.

Yes, it’s kind of morbid, yet it is so powerful to know.

Our body fights to the end for life. Life means health. And health means a level of fitness.

It is this core characteristic that we can tap into. It is this innate drive for health that we can utilise to become healthy, to become fit, to become lean, easily and effortlessly.

The Skinny Bitch Code is about giving you the knowledge that you need to allow this system to work. It’s about showing you which processes have gone off plan in your own body and how to get them back on track. It won’t tell you exactly what you need to do, because everyone who does the programme will have different challenges, different issues, different predilections, different ambitions.

The Skinny Bitch Code shows you the secrets that keep the skinny bitches in your life lean and healthy. They’re not that way because they’re better than you. They’re not that way because they have more willpower than you. They’re not that way because they work harder than you. They’re skinny bitches because they’re utilising their bodies yearning for survival, their craving for wellness, whether they’re aware of it or not.

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