What you should give up eating

After a couple of years of cruising along, two years of a global pandemic, some additional stress caused by *waves hands in general direction of the UK Home Office*, a four month not-quite-holiday back to New Zealand, and some other ups and downs meaning she’d been not best placed for any kind of self-care, the galloping housewife has returned to taking her own advice and following the Skinny Bitch Code.

Of course, it’s doing exactly what it says on the tin and with little effort and absolutely no additional exercise she is once again fitting into her riding kit with relative ease.

She hasn’t mentioned this to anyone until now, but she is at that point where those that see her regularly are noticing a difference. Which sparks a particular conversation.

She gets asked what she’s not eating and drinking.

The answer is very short.

She’s not eating and drinking… well, absolutely nothing.

There is no bad food. There’s nothing that is off the table in the Skinny Bitch Code. 

You can and you should eat carbs. The galloping housewife is an advocate of carbohydrates as the most effective form of energy provision known to mankind. Plus, if you don’t eat carbohydrates you don’t poop, and (I can hear regular readers of the galloping housewife winding up now) if you don’t poop, you die.

You can and you should eat fat. The galloping housewife is an advocate of fat, too. We need fat to allow the proper function of enzymes and to allow shit to enter and exit cells. Which sounds rather microscopic but turns out to be necessary for life. Fat makes stuff taste great and is wicked at making you feel good.

You can drink booze. OK, alcohol is not necessary. But seriously, the galloping housewife is a fan. She craves a cold beer on a hot day. She has a favourite wine for every occasion. And she loves nothing more than a soothing whisky (straight, no ice) at the end of a good day well spent. She is certainly not suggesting anyone give that up if it’s something they fancy.

Galloping housewives do not need to give up anything to be fit and fabulous.

Food is meant to fuel us, to nurture us and to comfort us. We are supposed to enjoy eating food. Eating is fundamental to our survival, like sex and sleep and movement.

We don’t need to starve, we don’t need to sacrifice, we don’t need to go without.

Once we understand how the food we eat sustains us physically, mentally and emotionally, we can eat in a way that serves us physically, mentally and emotionally.

If you want to be at your best, this is what you need to understand.

cartoon image of the galloping housewife riding her young dressage horse Mitch. Mitch is beautiful, true black and has an enormous canter stride.

If you’d like to take advantage of the galloping housewife’s years of education, study and experience and learn this stuff in a package that is curated and delivered especially for galloping housewives like you, then feel free to check out the Skinny Bitch Code. It works, the galloping housewife is living proof.

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