What's your priority?

Oh, my dear galloping housewives, it does seem that it has been a very long time since we sat down with a glass of wine and discussed life. And now it seems it will be a whole lot longer. Not the wine bit, naturally. Although the galloping housewife was most distressed to hear this week not that some supermarkets had sold out of loo roll and pasta, but that some other essential services, specifically home wine delivery, were also not taking on new customers due to high demand. But don’t worry about the galloping housewife. She is always prepared for a shortage of wine. Or rather Mr galloping housewife knows better than to not have that covered at all times.

Now we find ourselves in the strangest of times. In the UK we’re kind of in limbo. They’ve finally suggested that the bars and restaurants close and gyms be shut down. Not before one last party however, which is weird, because that sort of behaviour means that it will be the last party for some. We’ve also been told that we should stay at home, unless we need to for work. Of course, public transport has also been slashed so that means that the people who have no option but to turn up at their day job are squished into the remaining vehicles like some petri dish in a kid’s science project. Actually - maybe that’s what this is. The UK & the US are currently neck and neck for ‘best in show’ at how to kill off a generation in the 2021 global science Olympiad. But anyway, the galloping housewife digresses…

For the vast majority of us we’re stuck at home for the foreseeable. Unable to partake in our usual activities and limited to essential shopping only. What about those of us who are on a mission to get a bit healthier or fitter? What now? We can’t get to the gym, we’re limited to getting out once a day which for the galloping housewife means walking the dog and for those who are fortunate enough to be close by your horses, we vacillate between needing to ride and feeling guilty just in case we come a cropper. It’s becoming a bit of a theme with the galloping housewife so forgive me if you’ve heard this before – give yourself a break! 4FS this is a once in a lifetime, completely unprecedented, wholly unique challenge. The fact that we must stay in the same house as our family 24/7 for the next 109 days and counting and not kill them all is a challenge enough. All these people who are encouraging you to ramp up the self discipline and crack down on some complicated diet and extreme fitness programme so that you emerge in 4 months with a body you’ve never had are certifiably insane. And as for the newspaper that asked in an article today – are you going to get in the shape of your life or are you going to waste it? – well, I’ve just poured my second glass of wine, so you figure it out.

Truth is, when this thing struck, the galloping housewife was in pretty good nick. She had even been sneakily thinking of running her first ever (and last!) marathon. (See, riding horses is good for you, it prevents you having the time to do stupid stuff like this!) What is important right now is health. As opposed to being skinny or mega fit or even particularly strong. Getting through this is about infection control and your ability to fight the virus if it lands. And a bit of luck, but we can’t do anything about that. You’ve heard the infection control stuff in a million different ways and the galloping housewife hasn’t got anything special to add so if you’re not staying at home and washing your hands and keeping your distance and not shaking hands and coughing into your elbow then there is no hope for you and we’ll just let Darwin get to work.

If you have been a good citizen then the only other thing you can do right now is work on your general health and for once (well for always, but especially this once) you do NOT want to be going overboard.

Things that improve immunity:

Moderate exercise. i.e. a long walk or an easy jog. Now is not the time to try something new or go for a long run. Long runs actually reduce your immunity… less is more.

Reducing stress. Take time out, eat cake or have a glass of wine. Do pilates or yoga or whatever makes you feel better. Turn off the news. Especially when Boris or Trump are on. Read a book. Don’t yell at the kids. Go and hide in your office and put a sign up warning anyone who interrupts you that they risk a slow and painful death.

Eating a well balanced diet. Don’t be restrictive. Size 8 can wait for next summer. Your body needs fuel, and it needs good quality fuel. Whole foods as much as possible – rolled oats, brown rice, multi grain breads. Fruit and veg. Obviously fresh is best but honestly, tinned and frozen lose bugger all nutritionally and are better for the planet along with less wastage. Just avoid processed and added sugar varieties.

Only supplement if it is unavoidable. Flavour your food with garlic and ginger and turmeric, eat an orange or a kiwifruit, eat spinach and broccoli, have some yoghurt and eat some shellfish. So, so much better for you than a capsule created in a lab.

 Your priorities are:

  1. Survival
  2. Staying healthy
  3. Not going insane
  4. Not killing your family
  5. Having some fun in lockdown
  6. Learning to be grateful for your privilege
  7. Figuring out what you really need and what you really don’t





    3478. Looking hot.

The galloping housewife has said enough for today, but she is here to share that she will be back here very soon with some specific food suggestions for the long haul. For those that are on budgets or trying to figure out what to do when they really should only be going to the shops once a week or anything else that might be challenging you from inside your four walls.





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