Willpower is limited. Don’t waste it.

Every day we are faced with a multitude of choices. Every choice we make takes energy to consider, even fleetingly, the consequences of our decisions. The energy we have to allocate on any given day is finite. We begin the day capable of using consideration, reason, analysis to determine our path. As time passes, we are far more likely to take the easy route, especially if we think the outcomes might be inconsequential.

Which means that in the morning we are more likely to grab a bowl of fruit and yoghurt and go for that walk, and in the evening, we find the urge to collapse on the couch with a bag of crisps and a glass of wine overwhelming.

This doesn’t mean you lack willpower. This means you’ve wasted it.

We think routine means mundane. We associate the term with being in a rut, with boredom.

That’s completely arse about face. Routine is powerful. Routine are the habits that we form that mean that we can use our energy and our judgement, our resolution and our determination, to make the choices that align with our goals.

Put your energy into creating habits. Put your energy into making good choices easy. Put your energy into predetermining your path, so that you can free up your willpower to take the options that matter to you.

Willpower is limited. Don’t waste it.


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