All about the moments

Being a galloping housewife is all about the moments.

It’s a life of early mornings and late nights. It’s a life of physical toil. It’s a life of endless stables to muck out, of drudging through winter mud, and lugging water buckets in the drought. It’s going out in the wind and rain, and competing in formal clothing in the beating sun.

It’s weekends sacrificed. It’s parties missed and occasions postponed. It’s deciding between a family holiday or a qualifying show. It’s unexpected vet bills and making sure there’s enough in the kitty to pay the farrier and feed store. It’s spending a house deposit on a horse. 

It’s frustrations at missed flags, the last rail, a course error, a lost shoe. It’s tears as injury or time end not just the sport, but the companionship of a trusted partner.

And then every now and then, you’ll have a moment. 

A clean change.

A ditch jumped.

A perfect stride seen.

A gallop along a deserted beach.

A quiet hack up a country lane.

A wicker as you enter the barn.

A nuzzle into your chest.

You’ll have a moment.

And you know, this is what being a galloping housewife is all about.


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