Anything but routine

Lack of time is a common complaint in today’s world. We are all too busy with the stuff that absolutely needs to be done without adding in that class we’d like to take or the lesson we’d like to have or the kids we’d like to help or the date we’d love to go on.

There’s no denying that the average galloping housewife has stuff to do. It’s part of the joy and challenge of a galloping housewife life and while we might complain about being busy, there’s no way in hell that we’d ditch any of our commitments or activities just to make room for something new.

The galloping housewife understands this and condones this train of thought. Hell, she encourages it. This is her life, too. Yet she knows that we need strategies to get our life in order. The alternative is a lifetime of stress and martyrdom to the greater good, and no galloping housewife deserves that.

In her courses she teaches lots of techniques to bend time and create time and make the most of the time we have. Yet the most powerful tool she knows is perhaps the most simple.

It’s routine.


Create a routine.

As a galloping housewife you already have experience of how effective this is.

Think of the mornings that you had to get out of bed to muck out, feed, turn out, groom, ride, pack the horsebox, load up and head off to the mid-morning training session. Stopping by the feed store and saddlery on the way home, you head indoors to grab lunch and a shower and manage to make the dentists by two, pick up the groceries while you’re out and are home to meet the kids as they get home from school. It’s 4pm and you’ve fitted the work of three days into one.

This is not a routine day for you, but there is a routine that was imposed on you by the appointments you made and the commitments of your everyday life. The thing that allowed you to get shit done at a superhuman rate, was the absence of choice. You didn’t have time to think about what you’d do next, you didn’t get to decide in the moment if you’d do the thing or not. You knew that you’d have to do it then, or it wouldn’t get done.

This is what creating a routine does for you. It removes choice from the equation. It takes away the need for willpower. You know that you do one thing first, then the next, followed by another task which leads into one more and so on until you’re done.

Then all you’ve got to do is find the motivation to begin.

If that motivation is a challenge for you then be aware that the galloping housewife is going to run her pop up kick starter The Start Box again very soon. It’s the perfect way to take the first step on any journey you want. Towards a big goal, a small goal, an easier life or simply to begin a new routine that makes all of these things possible. Visit The Start Box now and register your interest.


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