No one is born knowing anything.

As we sit on the sidelines of life, we see people doing stuff. We see people winning ribbons. We see people growing their business. We see people having great relationships. We see people who are fit. We see people achieving in every sphere of their lives.

It’s easy to forget that once they knew nothing. There was a time they couldn’t mount unaided. There was a time they didn’t know how to market their product. There was a time they knew nothing about their partner. There was a time they’d never done a workout. 

We look at people who are successful and assume a natural talent or a gift.

The gift they had was a desire to learn.

The gift they had was an interest.

They saw someone riding and wanted that feeling for themselves.

They had an idea for a product and explored the options. 

They heard a person speak and they felt drawn to converse.

They learned that fitness would give them more energy, so they investigated how to get that for themselves.

It all starts with curiosity; the rest is learned skills.

We all have a gift of curiosity. We all have something that draws us, that sparks our interest. That’s our natural talent. It’s up to us to learn the skills to turn our curiosity into our reality.

Find out what your gift is. Find out where it can take you. Find out why that matters to you. Find out how to utilise it. Find time to put your passion at the centre of your life and watch the magic happen.


For a step by step guide to how to make this happen, Sort Your Shit Out was written for every galloping housewife.

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