the real galloping housewife

The galloping housewife has a website to launch. She started to write a book, but it got too long and complicated, so she figured this was the best way to get the same information and insights out there in the real world. This particular blog is aimed at the audience that the book was originally aimed at – the true ‘galloping housewife’, more commonly identified as the amateur equestrian. The amateur equestrian does not refer to an ability group, rather it is a mindset. Someone who rides purely for the love of it. That love may resemble more of an obsession or compulsion at times, but nevertheless, the amateur is, in fact, involved in equestrian sports voluntarily.

The amateur equestrian, by definition, has numerous other commitments that absorb their time, money and energy – some would call these priorities, such as family, a job and friends, although everyone knows that the horses always come first. The thing is, sometimes the galloping housewife wishes she’d never even heard of a half pass or an oxer and that she’d listened to her mother’s advice and become taken up needlepoint instead. (I kid you not, at one stage she was going to name a horse ‘Cross stitch’ just to get her off her back.) It’s those times when you get back home late after the school play, but have to pull your wellies on and a mac over the only relatively tidy outfit you own to head out into the dark and rain to pick stables and feed hay. Of course, it’s those nights that Trigger gets cast and Noddy – the kids outgrown and notoriously naughty Shetland, escapes in the melee and makes a beeline for the nearest A road. Or you’ve been asked to attend an interview on Thursday but you’ve finally come off the waitlist for the local BE90 that you need to qualify for grassroots and  you just know that Matthew is going to use the opportunity to pitch for the job that you’ve been after for years.

This blog is going to be about the juggling life and horses, about the compromises that are worth making and those that aren’t. It’ll be full of advice and real world solutions for so many problems that we all face. At its heart will be the knowledge that we, for better or worse, love horses and all feel that the world is a better place with them in our lives, even when they send us broke and break our hearts.

You may wonder who the galloping housewife is to be giving this advice and what she has in common with the dear reader. It is true that she has ridden to a reasonably high standard, yet at her heart she is an amateur. She is not particularly talented, and didn’t have an especially privileged upbringing, being the youngest child of dairy farmers. At the time she rode in the Olympic selection trials she was working part time as a nurse and was the mother of two school aged children. In fact, her first overseas trip to compete internationally was broken up by a quick flight home prior to the World Cup event to work a couple of shifts in the A&E, just so she’d have a job to go back to. She is currently the director of her own business, supporting her family after her husband lost his job to the Hostile Environment and while the kids are older now, neither has flown the nest. She’s staring down the barrel of middle age and currently doesn’t have a horse to ride, yet she knows that she’ll be late for her own funeral because she just wants to make sure that Casper has the right rugs on for the frost that is due.

So welcome to the galloping housewife loves her life. She hopes you enjoy the journey and get something out of reading this blog. The galloping housewife would love to hear from her readers so please comment below and join us on Facebook at ‘The galloping housewife’.

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