the worth of a galloping housewife life

There’s a familiar saying the galloping housewife is about to debunk.

Jack of all trades, master of none.

It’s supposed to be disparaging of those that choose to have a broad knowledge base, a diverse skill set, as opposed to those who choose to become an expert in a single field.

A galloping housewife life shows this to be flawed. 

A galloping housewife needs to be fairly good at managing a home, at being a parent, at maintaining a career, at looking after themselves, at taking care of their horses.

They need to be fairly good at managing a budget, at providing a balanced diet for their families, at cleaning up the detritus of living, at ensuring that everyone is appropriately clothed and where they need to be.

They need to be fairly good at recognising their children’s milestones, at maintaining their health, at keeping up with their education and taking care of their emotional development.

They need to be fairly good at gaining employment or creating their own livelihood. At keeping up with ongoing education and technological changes and the social change that affect how we work and do business.

They need to be fairly good at riding and training and competing their horses. They need to be fairly good at looking after their horses, at taking care of their basic health needs and grooming and mucking out and feeding them.

In every galloping housewife life, there will be aspects you will be better than average at, some that you might even become a master of.

But the very essence of the value of a galloping housewife life is that you are fairly good at a myriad of things. You are the master of maintaining all the different facets of your existence simultaneously.

Never underestimate the worth of that.

You are a galloping housewife.

Ordinary is your superpower.

Cartoon picture of a yard on a horse farm with two larger horses tied to one hitching rail and a smaller palamino pony tied to another. A ginger cat is chasing a chicken in the foreground. All the horses are saddled up ready to ride.

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