There's no way in hell!

OK, not going to lie here, the galloping housewife is crap at confrontation, and absolutely rubbish at negotiation.

She is queen at the scathing email, the cutting comment. She never forgets any slight and has a sense of justice and fairness that means she can recall every broken promise, every unfulfilled commitment ever made.

She’s found it doesn’t help.

In business, in relationships, in life.

Sometimes it’s fine to burn some bridges, to set some boundaries, to turn your back on people and situations that aren’t working for you. Other times it’s less than ideal and wholly impractical.

The galloping housewife has learned over decades of screwing this up that often the solution is a simple shift in mindset.

Instead of approaching every outrageous request with there’s no way in hell that I’m doing that unless I get this, this and this, take a deep breath and go back with I can do that if you can do this, this and this.

This seemingly insignificant change in language transforms an adversarial demand into an achievable compromise.

It turns inconceivable into possible.

It changes your stance from bitch with your back up to a reasonable negotiator.

I’m the first to admit, this is not the galloping housewife’s natural position. Yet even she sees the need to conciliate from time to time.

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