What are we here for?

As a middle-aged galloping housewife of rather varied life experience, the galloping housewife likes to keep abreast of what’s going on in the world. Having worked as a nurse for 20 years, having travelled widely, and being from a family that likes to invite the world into its home, she has seen and absorbed the effects of different societal challenges on communities.

What is going on ‘out there’ right now is concerning.  Even the most devout adherents to the ostrich principle are not going to be unaffected by the global energy and subsequent economic crisis that we are currently facing, as well as the various geopolitical shitstorms that are not so much on the horizon as rocking up the gully.

It would be easy to look at her business and see it as something completely ridiculous and trivial at a time like this. It would be easy to look at our lives and deduce that what faces us as a society is inevitable and that anything we do as individuals would be inconsequential.

The galloping housewife thinks the opposite.

She believes in the power of individual change, and not just as part of a collective.

She believes that in making our own world a little bit better in any way that is important to us, we will have an effect on the global whole.

Our world needs practical help and concrete solutions to the problems it currently faces.

The only way that that can occur is if we first have hope and love and care.

 And before we can have this as a society, we need this as individuals.

It doesn’t matter what you are doing in your life, if it is giving you hope, if it fills you with love, if you care about it, you are making our world a better place.

Her courses are all about finding your centre, and building lives full of hope, love and a shitload of fun.

 Because ultimately, isn’t that what we are here for?


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