What do you want?

If there ever was such a loaded, dreaded question, the galloping housewife would like to know what it is.

What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? What do you want to eat? What do you want to wear? What shows do you want to go to? Where do you want to go on holiday? Which trainer do you want to base with? Where do you want to live? What job do you want to take?

What do you want?

How often do we get asked this and not give a truthful answer? How often do we ask this and know the other party is not being truly forthcoming.

If the simple choice to express our preferences about where we want to go to eat on a night out with friends can cause so much stress, imagine what it’s like when we need to communicate our opinions about significant life changing decisions.

The truth is, the expected reception of our particular perspective is often only half the reason for our reticence.

Sometimes we have absolutely no clue exactly what is that we want.

We spend so much of our lives compromising. We spend so much of our lives not just doing what we think we should be doing, but telling ourselves what we should want to be doing. We say what we think other people want to hear because we want to belong, because we are afraid of judgement, because we want other people to get what they want.

Sometimes we set what we want aside for a season. To have a career. To raise a family. To create a home. To follow a different dream or to follow someone else’s dream. That’s OK. It’s just that when that season ends, we forget to pick it up again and sometimes we even forget what it is.

Being a middle aged galloping housewife is different. Some of these seasons have ended. We might have more time, more resources, less structure, less expectation. We become increasingly aware that time is relentlessly marching on and that if we’re going to do what we want, if we’re going to be what we want, if we’re going to have what we want, then we better get on and start making that happen.

What do you want?

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