What’s the mask you choose to wear?

How we choose to present ourselves is telling.

 We can pretend all we like that we are vulnerable and authentic. That what you see is what you get. And it may be close to the truth. But it’s never the whole truth.

No matter who we are or what we do or where we might be in life, every day we curate the message that is us for the outside world’s consumption.

We choose our clothes, we style our hair, we put on makeup.

We share our thoughts, we express our feelings, we show emotions.

We display our behaviour, we parade our accomplishments, we demonstrate our ability. 

The galloping housewife is no different. 

She picks her words, she selects her pictures, she decides exactly what people will see.

She knows her power is in the very ordinariness of her life and the fact that ordinary is capable of extraordinary. She knows that women need to see her failings, need to see her challenges, need to see the million and one ways she screws up on a daily basis, to realise that it is not only inevitable, it is necessary for a fulfilling and remarkable life. 

Yet she still curates.

What she has learned is that the very masks that she chooses to put on are the lessons she needs to learn. 

The impression that she is trying to make inform her as much as her audience. It tells her where she wants to be, how she wants to be perceived. Once she knows that she knows what she really wants. 

What’s the mask that you’re wearing today? Is it supermum? Is it high achieving entrepreneur? Is it glamorous world traveller? Is it successful competitor or accomplished trainer? Is it middle aged woman who is content with where they are? Is it someone who managed to get out of bed before midday and find two matching socks?

It’s OK to curate your image. It’s perfectly normal to present yourself a certain way to the world at large. Just don’t let that go to waste. 

Obverse the gap between your mask and your reality and ask yourself if you want to make the shift. 

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