You're awesome

Hey you, reading this. You’re awesome. Yes you, scrolling though Instagram or Facebook. Looking at all these amazing lives being lead, these incredible achievements, these massive wins. You’re just as cool as all of them.
I see you, shaking your head, looking at your hot mess of a life. I see you thinking about the 10 pounds you think you need to lose, the kid that’s failing at school, the relationship that hasn’t seen a hint of romance in months, the house that desperately needs a tidy and a vacuum, the horse that seems to spend more time at the vet than in the arena.
You’re awesome not in spite of these things, but because of them. You know true beauty, true worth, true love, true comfort, true faith. Your life not being perfect gives you empathy, passion, ambition, knowledge, experience, confidence.
I’ve seen behind the façade of the picture perfect life. It’s entitlement and arrogance at best, anxiety and desperation at worst. You don’t need it, you don’t want it.
Right now, right where you are, you are perfectly imperfect. Ordinary is your superpower. I see you, and you’re my kind of person.
(First published on Facebook 20th Feb 2022)

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