Don't be so bloody jealous!

The galloping housewife is lost for words. Well, not really – hell might freeze over before the galloping housewife will run out of things to say and opinions that need sharing. The problem is that the galloping housewife is particularly bad at sharing them with the people that she should be sharing them with and at the time they need to be spoken. She is far more likely to stew on things and come up with the perfect turn of phrase some time down the line, or shout the things she should be whispering, at people who really don’t give a fuck and who have nothing to learn from the situation. The other alternative is that she becomes a world champion ghoster and decides to live by her motto ‘can’t save all the whales’…

So now you have some clear as mud background, the theme for today’s blog is: Stop being so bloody jealous! Stop being so jealous of the coach who sells out clinics weeks in advance. Stop being jealous of the farrier whose client roster always pays on time and is mostly indoors and well lit. Stop wondering why that average rider gets offered all the good horses and is sponsored by ten different businesses. Stop being annoyed by the retailer who has just scored the brand you desperately want to stock or whose reach is so extensive despite not having a huge marketing budget. Stop flipping out at the photographer who scores the gig you really wanted, or the journalist whose byline is so prominent that they’re now getting paid in advance for their freelance gigs. Stop being angry when the event at the identical venue down the road is a sell out despite you having to cancel yours for lack of starters.

By all means notice these things, but sitting on your arse with a glass of wine in hand, bitching about the ‘competition’ is not the way to improve your own situation. Once you have noticed the ‘winners’ in your industry, it’s time to take action. Get curious about what it is that gives them the advantage that you want for your own business. Does the coach target a specific group of riders or arrange a clinic in the lead up to an important event? Has the farrier sacked their bad paying clients and only taken on those that can provide them with an undercover facility? Has the rider taken the time to build key relationships with owners and do they provide something extraordinary for their sponsors, above & beyond wearing the free kit, slapping the logo on their lorry and winning a few ribbons? Has the retailer invested in a targeted marketing campaign or are they writing consistently engaging social media posts that are building their community? Has the photographer or journalist spent time honing their craft and developing a style that is uniquely theirs and attractive to viewers?

Whatever it is that you identify, have a think about how you can incorporate the aspects of their success into your business. Concentrate on your particular strengths, find your ideal customer and nurture them, build your relationships with your supporters, foster your client community and target marketing to their desires, figure out what makes you special and build on that. You don’t need to be the best to be successful, you don’t need to hustle or work all hours that god sends. You do need to create a business that is providing what your clients need and marketed to what they want. And you’re right – your ‘lucky’ competitors are no better than you. They’re just better at being no better than you than you are.

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