Magic Bullet

The galloping housewife is in a pretty sweet situation right now. She has a couple of businesses that pay the bills without too much worry. Businesses that are largely location independent and have shown to be relatively secure in the shit fight that is life in the 2020’s.

As a result, the galloping housewife is often approached by people who know just how not sweet life was for the galloping housewife just a few years ago. Like seriously not sweet, not able to pay any bills, sold everything of value, begging family for loans, not sweet.

People ask her what the secret is, how she turned it all around. Like just about everything they’re looking for a magic bullet, that single thing that she did that made the debt go away, gave her a steady income and finally resulted in her having actual, real-life, savings in the bank.

While the truth is that there is no one thing, that the reality of getting in better financial shape is a bunch of little things done well and done repeatedly, if there was a specific point that at least triggered the change in circumstances for the galloping housewife, it was the realisation that she had to grow the fuck up and get herself out of where she was, not wait on the magical money fairy to turn up and wave her wand.

The galloping housewife had to face the reality of her situation. She needed to know just how deep her particular pool of shit was. She needed to figure out exactly what resources she had and what she’d need to do to get herself out of the effluent and into the shower.

She needed to take responsibility for getting herself into strife in the first place, and she needed to take responsibility for getting out. 

If you’re in the poo right now, don’t despair. There is an exit, and the galloping housewife will throw you a ladder.

The first step is to face facts. Not looking won’t make the badness go away. Not looking will make sure the badness never goes away.

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