The best sales strategy

The best sales strategy you could ever use is free. It costs nothing to create or to run.

 The best sales strategy is to give a shit about your clients. 

If you invest in your customers, they will invest in you.

You invest in your customers by caring about the impact that your product or service will have on them. Not just immediately, but well into the future.

It’s not just about the single lesson and the information they gain from that. It’s what they will take away from that and how it informs the next thing they do and the next lesson they have. Even if you’re the visiting clinician and it’s likely they will stick with their regular trainer from here on out, if you set it up so that you’re supporting their journey then they will return the next time you’re in town and the trainer will recommend you to more of their clients.

It's not just about the one transaction of the product. It’s about selling them the product that will do the job that they need and making sure that it has the outcome they desire. If you teach them about the product and educate them about the effects and support them through the use, they will in turn instruct their friends and their colleagues. They will come back if the need arises or continues. They will hear you when you inform them about other products that you have, which you will do judiciously because you know your purchaser. You are invested in them.

It's not just about the specific sale of the sole use service when it’s all that you provide. Especially not then. If you are reliant on one income source, a single commodity, your clientele need to know that the transaction is all about them. About the transformation that it will provide for them. About what it will allow them to do. About where it will take them.

Sell with integrity. Sell with heart. Sell by investing in your patrons.

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