the business idea that's a sure winner

Working in the equestrian industry can be brutal. There are very few paths to follow, and most have limited possibilities for progression. Nearly all remuneration is paltry and capped by the number of hours you can physically work. As a result, a lot of people look to branch out into business for themselves.

And go no further than that.

To be a coach you need to be better than most at conveying a message and know more than most about your particular discipline.

To be a trainer you need to have experience and mileage and skill and talent and a whole boatload of luck.

To be a retailer you need capital and space and to be able to do everything cheaper than anyone else.

To be a farrier or a bodyworker or a physio or a biomechanics coach you need training and expertise and the ability to go everywhere and treat everyone and to clone yourself by five.

And you threw away the idea of livery before you even started because you didn’t win the lottery and you have absolutely no desire to work 16 hour days for all 365 days of the year to make pocket money.

But is this true?

The key to a successful business in any sector of any industry is to provide a product or a service that is needed and that no one else does. Or at least no one else in your location or demographic. Or no one else does in the way that you do.

You don’t need to be the ‘best’. You don’t need to undercut on price. You don’t need to swap time for money.

You just need to be different, and you need to be wanted.

What you need to do is the thing that other people find boring or difficult and that you find fascinating or easy.

Maybe you like teaching little kids.

Maybe you provide a holistic rehab facility.

Maybe you are good with nervous horses or can teach a particular movement well.

Maybe you specialise in racing plates for flat footed thoroughbreds, maybe you’re qualified in multiple modalities, maybe you operate a unique piece of therapeutic equipment.

Maybe your yard has special facilities like an indoor or a deep arena for western spins and slides or accommodation to host camps or lots of offroad hacking.

Maybe you provide a level of service that no one else in your location is capable of.

Maybe you can braid those ridiculous little hunter braids in your sleep.

That’s your business.

The thing that other people find boring or difficult and that you find fascinating or easy.


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