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The galloping housewife is ordinary. While she’s done some extraordinary things, the reason her stories resonate with other galloping housewives around the world is that she is just like them. Ordinary, average, familiar.

The galloping housewife found that she had capacity within her. She found that being ordinary was her superpower. She did it herself, but she didn’t do it on her own.

She needed support. She needed encouragement. She needed coaching. She needed help.

She found people who were on the same path. She found people who had gone where she wanted to go. She found people who knew what she wanted to know. She found people who could do the things that she couldn’t do.

She built a community.

Only sometimes building a community isn’t easy. You might live remotely. You might have limited time to nurture friendships. You might be surrounded with people who don’t share the same commitments, interests, ambitions as you. You might not know where to find people with the knowledge you need.

The galloping housewife has your back.

She has built a community for every galloping housewife to share.

A place to get support. A place to get encouragement. A place to learn. A place to get help.

In the Volte is the galloping housewife’s inner circle. A place to not just be inspired and informed, but a place to be part of the conversation and start discussions of your own.

With weekly articles, comprehensive forums covering every facet of a galloping housewife life, access to exclusive live events and resources, this is your ready-made tribe. Not just for the horses. Not just for family and relationships. Not just for health and wellbeing. Not just for work or business. Not just for the celebrations. Not just for the challenges. In the Volte is a community for all the parts of a galloping housewife life that make us whole.

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