galloping housewife syndicate opportunities

Thank you for expressing interest in being a part of the galloping housewife’s journey back into the big arena.


For those of you that don’t know me, the (very) short story is that I am a 49yo New Zealand Dressage rider. I am a relatively late convert to the sport, purchasing my first dressage horse at 31, when we were both graded Novice. He was not bred for the sport, and I had no special assistance and was operating on a shoestring budget, however we made it through to the International Grand Prix arena, culminating in a place on the New Zealand team at the Olympic selection trials before the London Olympics, where we qualified New Zealand’s first ever team. The NZOC decided not to send a team, and I have been chasing that unrequited dream since.

Unfortunately, not everything has gone to plan. I moved to the UK with a promising small tour horse (and my family) in tow and purchased a very nice 3yo Oldenburg colt soon after getting here. The small tour horse was winning on scores in the mid 70’s and just about to start Grand Prix when he strained his first suspensory. Despite several rehabs, he never made it back to the big arena. The young horse won on debut with 83% and high scored on 88%, earning him New Zealand’s first spot at the World Young Horse Champs. He went lame in the warmup there and took many years (and a whole lot of money) to diagnose a rare degenerative bone disorder and he was tragically PTS in 2019.

Life outside the arena hadn’t exactly gone to plan either, with some very nasty run ins with the UK’s Home Office. With my husband losing his job to the Hostile Environment and all our earnings being spent on lawyers’ fees, Home Office fees and keeping my kids clothed housed and fed, there was no time or cash for anything else. While I had lost a little bit of love for the sport, I always knew I’d return one day. The spontaneous purchase of a ridiculous Connemara eventer during lockdown in 2020 has lit a fire within me again. We’re having all sorts of fun careering around at the low levels of BE, but I know that I have it in me to get back to the top level of my true passion, dressage.


The truth is, I’ve never had help before. I’ve never believed that life owes me anything and I’ve been content to ride the horses I have and make do with the opportunities I can afford. The thing is that time doesn’t wait for anyone, and although my financial situation is improving, by the time I can afford to buy the horsepower I need, I will have missed the window that I have, and the horses I need then will be even more expensive than now.

A rider is nothing without a horse!


For that reason, I will be offering a guaranteed buy back on any shares purchased now, for cost plus 5% in one year, increasing on a pro rata basis as time passes. This means you will earn more interest than any bank can offer you, or you can take the option to remain a shareholder and enjoy the journey.


Horse ownership is a wonderful way to be involved in dressage at a fundamental level. You get all the benefits of having a real part to play in a horse’s journey. You will have access to events, training, and private functions. You will be part of the inner circle with regular WhatsApp and private Facebook updates.


The two horses I am looking at purchasing currently are:

  1.  5yo KWPN gelding, 16hh.

He has excellent breeding and was in fact bred by a stud as a stallion prospect. Fortunately for me he didn’t grow big enough for that and also fortunately for me, they dithered a little with his training trying to decide what to do, under the added inconvenience of Covid. Because he is relatively green for his age and his height, he is much more affordable than he’d be otherwise. I prefer them small, and as my plans are long term, being on the underdone side is a bonus.

He is exactly the kind of horse I like – sharp, with a quick hind leg and a truly exceptional canter. It reminds me of my Frankie and his canter scored 10’s in young horse classes.

He passed a vetting in April along with 33 X-rays. I am getting him vetted again on the 25th August.


I have 10 x 1/20th shares in him available for £1,000 each, plus £500 for his entire first year of training & management. There are absolutely no hidden costs.

Beyond the first year his training will be £900 p.a. per share (or £80 PCM or £20 per week to suit). Again, this covers everything – livery, training, feed, competitions, transport, gear, farrier, vet & insurance.


 2. 11yo Hanoverian gelding, 16.2hh.

This horse has been brought on very carefully & correctly by a competent amateur. He is currently competing at OM/PSG with wins & placings. He has all the groundwork done and an excellent piaffe and passage established. It would be my expectation that it would be a very short journey for him to be competing Grand Prix. This horse is not super flashy, but he is super correct, low mileage and super healthy. He is destined to be a very solid campaigner and team horse.
He hasn’t been vetted recently (has been in the same home since started) but no reason to expect that he wouldn’t pass. I will have him vetted in the next few weeks.


I have 20 x 1/40th shares in him available for £1,000 each plus £500 for his entire first year of training & management. There are absolutely no hidden costs.

Beyond the first year his training will be £750 p.a. per share (or £65 PCM or £15 per week to suit). Again, this covers everything – livery, training, feed, competitions, transport, gear, farrier, vet & insurance.

Please be assured that this incredibly low price does not reflect on this horse’s ability or quality. The simple fact is that he belongs to a friend who is very keen for me to attain the ride on him. This would not be his price on the open market.


  • I will retain 50% ownership in both horses, ensuring that they are eligible to compete for New Zealand in International shows. I will therefore be contributing to half of their running costs and provide riding and training for free. The costs above will cover their physical needs only.
  • Both horses will have comprehensive insurance cover including loss of use.
  • Shares cannot be transferred within the first year but thereafter I will guarantee a buy back of the share price plus 5% p.a. pro rata until their retirement. I will retain first option to purchase shares on this basis but if I chose not to assert this option the share can be on sold at any agreed price between the seller and buyer. Shares may be gifted at any time to an approved third party.
  • Any purchase of 2 or more shares will give the purchaser a 20% discount in the first year’s costs. (£400 p.a. per share)
  • Please note, I am purchasing these horses as long-term competitive partners. There is no intention of on selling for profit. Should you decide to stay with the syndicate until the end, please be assured that you will no longer be charged costs once the horse retires from competition - that will become my responsibility. I fully believe we owe it to our horses to provide comprehensive care beyond their competitive career – I’m notorious for providing the best until the end of their days.

Here's a snippet of the first horse I trained through to Grand Prix - a 1/2 thoroughbred x 1/4 standardbred x 1/8 Arab x 1/8 Clydesdale. Imagine what I can do with something purpose bred!


To protect the privacy of the vendors of both of these horses, if you are interested in hearing more about them, please email me on with your name, mobile number and I will send through a link to information including videos of the horse(s) in question.