Why not you? Did you read yesterday’s email and come up with a list of reasons why you can’t be successful? Or why you can’t simply have a life of ease and fun? Even better, did you fire the galloping housewife an email detailing exactly what sort of shit you’re dealing with on a day to day basis?

 (For those that have no idea WTF the galloping housewife is talking about, check your inbox or click here for an online version)

 This morning the galloping housewife woke to an inbox that made her cry. This is a big deal. The galloping housewife is not emotional. (If you discount the anxiety that makes her scream on the regular.)

 She had women share they just needed a nudge, that they were absolutely sick and tired of their existence, that they felt trapped in the lives that they’d created, that they’d lost the belief in their ability, that after endless knocks they didn’t know where to begin, that after years of doing what everyone else needed, they had no idea what it was they wanted and so much more.

 Galloping housewives, I believe in you. If I can sort my shit out, you definitely can.

 What if your limitations were actually assets? What if the very things that you spend your life moaning about were the tools you could use to make everything work?

 Take the galloping housewife as an example. Here she was as a mum of two preschool children, scraping by a living as a part time nurse while her husband was working in hospitality. She cobbled together enough money to buy a crazy 10 yr old crossbred gelding that was so sharp that he would regularly dump his riders with his spook. What if she’d decided that she needed more than one horse to get anywhere? What if she’d thought that because he was already 10 and only graded Novice that it was pointless training him through? What if she’d though she needed a fancy warmblood to win ribbons? What if she’d thought she needed to be a pro to represent her country?

 Because she only had one horse, she invested all and any spare time into training just him. Because he was crazy and 10 years old and Novice, she could afford to buy him in the first place. Because he was all she had, she persisted through the tough times. Because she wasn’t a pro, she could stick to her own agenda, instead of trying to please owners. Plus - him being sharp meant that training the piaffe & passage was a breeze!

 Where in your life could you flip the story you’re telling yourself and make your limitations an asset? If you’re struggling to see, know you’re in the right place. The galloping housewife will show you how.

 Tomorrow we look at the process.

 See you later bitches,

the galloping housewife


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