Lucky Bitch

Hey there, future Lucky Bitch. Why don’t you come in, put your feet up, let me get you a cuppa. I know you’re exhausted and you deserve so much more. 

You’re sick of juggling work and the kids and the horses and life and never having enough time for any of them.

You know you should be grateful, you’re educated, you have a good job, your kids aren’t monsters, you really don’t have to worry about where your next meal is coming from.

Yet you feel that something is missing. Life’s not fun, you’re stressed, you’re tired and there are days that you resent having to go out in the rain to feed your horse or ride or feed the kids or go to work and you are thoroughly sick of having to adult all the damn time.

This is not the life you thought you’d be living. This is not the life you want to be living. Let the galloping housewife give you the tools, the tips and tricks and the permission to design your ideal galloping housewife life. It’s time to be a Lucky Bitch!

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