Apparently it's good form to show off some of the stuff that I've done. Here are some articles the galloping housewife has written, some interviews she's done, some podcasts she's been on. That kind of thing. 

She was on the Approachable Equestrian podcast.

She was on the 'Buck Off Banter' podcast.
buck off banter logo
She was interviewed for the 'Life between the ears' blog.
life between the ears logo
She featured in the New York City Journal 30 Disruptors to look out for in 2021
She wrote an article for New Zealand Horse & Pony magazine.
 New Zealand Horse & Pony logo
 This cool video was shot by Ross Grieve.
She was the covergirl and interviewed for a feature article in Horse & Countryside magazine.
Cover of Horse and Countryside magazine featuring Shiwon Green
There was some excitement about being the first kiwis to qualify for the World Young Dressage Horse Champs in Verden. (click logos to read)
Eurodressage logo
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She still features on the website of her previous sponsors, the wonderful Keyflow Feeds. 
Keyflow feeds logo
There was a wee bit in the local rag when my massage therapist was taking care of me. 
Back in New Zealand our regional paper wrote an article in the lead up to the Olympic selection trials.
And I was named a Helmet Hero for my work in Head Injury prevention.
This really cute video was made by Peter Haynes on my first trip to Australia to compete.
And finally, prior to all this there were a bunch of random bits and bobs in NZ Horse & Pony mag from way back...