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Every week the galloping housewife lands in your inbox with three quick tips for the skinny bitch, the rich bitch and the lucky bitch. If you missed out, don't panic, because they'll all be linked from here... eventually. (The galloping housewife has shit to do, bitches!)

The name 'The Blindside' is stolen from Mary Schmich's (try saying that with a mouthful of marshmallows) famous 'Wear Sunscreen' speech. Only instead of real troubles, the galloping housewife hopes to be bringing real women real solutions at 4pm on an idle Tuesday. 

Just click on the one you want to read et violà. 

Blindside the first (1st December 2020)

The second Blindside (8th December 2020)

Blindside number 3 (15th December 2020)

Blindside goes fourth (Coming soon but had to be written now just so you understand just how hilarious the galloping housewife is. If this doesn't make you laugh, maybe she's not for you...)

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the galloping housewife.