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Get a Life!

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You've been inspired by something the galloping housewife has written, either on this website or on her Facebook page

You're starting to believe that perhaps being an ordinary middle-aged galloping housewife has its value. 

You're thinking that maybe you can use the skills that you've gained getting through life, making a living, raising kids, looking after your horses, keeping a household some sort of organised, and spending time doing things that interest you.

You want more. More fun, more financial freedom, more improvement or success with your horses, more time with your family, more great experiences shared with people you love, more memories formed, more of your community served.

Inspiration is all well and good, but what do you do? 

How would you like an email a day to arrive in your inbox for the next 100 days, with a little bit of inspo, a little bit of info, a little bit of guidance as to where to find the magic in you and a little bit of action for you to take?

Based on the theory that incremental improvements can lead to massive change, that 1% upgrade a day for a hundred days is 100% better, this course will help you make the most of your middle age and beyond, easily and painlessly and (most importantly) enjoyably. 

With feedback like 'You have a knack of saying just the thing I need to start my day', 'Thank you for being an ENCOURAGER!', 'I'm saving this for the days I really need to reread it', and 'this was just what I needed to read right now', you know what she has to say is going to resonate.

The reason is she is you. She is ordinary. She knows that while we're improving one aspect of our lives, we need to keep all the other plates spinning. Someone has to feed the horses, clothe the kids, give the partner their jobs list, take the dog to the vets, turn up for the committee meeting, go to work, get to the hairdresser, enter the show... 

She shows you that you can do this, that you are awesome, that you deserve more. 

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