Manifesting for non-believers

Manifesting for non-believers

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Have you looked on aghast as seemingly intelligent and reasonable women claim that they are capable of manifesting everything from a promotion to a new horse to a dream home to a life of leisure?

Do phrases like 'the Universe provides' and 'collective consciousness' and 'the power of prayer' make you roll your eyes audibly?

Do you secretly wish you did you believe in all that shit because then you'd have a chance to get that stuff without any effort, too?

This course is for you. It's written by a cynical, realistic science believer. It's a combination of concrete practical steps that make reaching your ambition much more likely and an analysis of some of the 'woo' shit that manifesters use along with an explanation of why some of these tools work. Whether you believe in them or not.

It provides a bunch of tips and tools to use the parts of our brain we rarely tap into - our subconscious, our instincts, and our hormones, along with a whole hidden memory store*, to create some magic all of our own.

Manifesting for people who don't believe in any of that shit.

Course consists of 18 lessons delivered as downloadable pdfs/transcripts and videos.



*no, you still won't remember where you left the car keys.