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Do you look at your life and think 'is this it?'

Do you have a million ideas and projects but just don't know where to start?

Have you gotten to middle age and still have unrequited dreams and unfinished goals?

Are you looking for fulfilment, for a sense of purpose that is all your own?

Have the last few years made you realise that you were following someone else's journey, and you feel like you've lost the map to find yours?

Do you have a business idea you want to pursue, a new career path you want to look into but you don't know how?

Do you constantly feel old and broken and out of shape?

Have you lost the joy that your horses once gave you?

Do you wonder how you'll find the time, the money, the energy, the willpower to do what you want to do?

The galloping housewife has been there, done that.

She has gone from being a 30yr old mother of two, amateur Novice level dressage rider on a crossbred horse, to riding for her country at the Olympic selection trials.

She has gone from being six figures in debt and an illegal immigrant to owning two successful businesses. 

She is 51 this year and has overcome illness, injury, loss and anxiety to be fit and healthy and capable of any physical activity that she wants to do. She also rocks a bikini and a flash frock when circumstances call for it!

She was married and divorced by 23, a solo mum at 29 and now she's raised two (mostly) decent kids to be be (mostly) independent adults and has just celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary with a (mostly) top bloke. 

 You've probably landed here because the galloping housewife has inspired you in some way. Which is a fat lot of good if you have no bloody idea where to start. And lets be honest, if you did, you'd already be living whatever version of your ideal life is.

This is the course to pull your desires out of your dreams and turn them into reality.

This is the course that outlines exactly what you need to do to do what you want to do.

The galloping housewife will help you put the extra on your ordinary.


From some of the women who are using this course:

'In reading your reply, I felt like you were sitting across the desk from me - and you turned the light on in the room.' 

'We’ve all done courses. The life coaching, the riding bootcamp, the business or financial course, the relationship strategy, the fitness or diet programme. This is the first time that a coach that has looked at my life as a multi-faceted existence and recognised the challenges and joys of wanting to keep it that way.'

'So very glad I took the plunge and signed up for this course'

 This course is for those really wanting to change and learn the techniques to overcome any challenge a galloping housewife might face. Not only will you get science backed strategies delivered straight to your inbox with accompanying videos, you'll also get lifetime access to a private community of supportive women who 'get you'. And you'll have exclusive live access to the galloping housewife herself with live video calls and priority response by email.

The course consists of six sections delivered once a week for six weeks of three lessons and three videos,  lifetime access to the community, and lifetime access to all future iterations of the programme. Every week during the live rounds, there are two live calls available to watch and interact with. Calls do not have to be attended - they can be watched at your convenience


Ordinary is a superpower!

NB: First download is available as soon as you purchase - don't forget to click!


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