Let’s get one thing straight. This course is very facetiously named. The galloping housewife doesn’t give a shit what size you are and doesn’t think what you look like makes a blind bit of difference as to what you can achieve in this world.

What she does know is that what does matter is health. If we want to live happy, active lives, if we want the energy we need to run a business or chase after our kids or hang out with our friends or run the community project or travel or manage the farm or ride our bloody horses, we need to be as well as we can be. A fact brought home to her as she has recovered from her (many) injuries and lived with chronic illness.

She also knows that there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to improve our appearance and if your sole motivation for wanting to get in shape is not looking ridiculous in those ridiculous white breeches we choose to wear, then more power to you, too. Don’t let anyone tell you that’s not a goal worth having. You set your own rules!

She knows you don’t believe it’s possible to be a skinny bitch. At least you don’t believe it’s possible for you.

You’ve tried all the diets and you’ve failed. You have no willpower and you’re too lazy and too busy and even the diets that work aren’t sustainable long term and life’s too short to give up pizza and wine and cake and cheese and you sure as shit haven’t got the time to create these ridiculous meals that all taste like cardboard and no one has your peculiar mix of allergies and intolerances and genes and you’re big boned and everyone gets fat when they get to your age after all and you may as well just give up.

You’re right, you know. Diets don’t work.

You’re jealous of all those skinny bitches who look great in their 40’s and after two kids. It’s easy for them, you’ve seen them drinking cocktails on holidays or grabbing pizza on the way home from soccer or downing another pint after their Sunday pub roast.

You’re right, you know. It is easy for them.

It’s time to find out why.

You’re about to make the best decision in your life. Click the buy now and you’ll get everything you need to crack the skinny bitch code, for good.

Based on the premise that 1 percent improvement a day means that in 100 days you’ll be 100% better, every day for 100 days you’ll get an email in your inbox with a new insight as to how to finally have your body doing what the hell it should be doing.

Which is anything you want it to and looking fabulous besides!

The Skinny Bitch Code is all about working with your physiology, not against it.

The Skinny Bitch Code is about learning how to reset your hormones and metabolism.

The Skinny Bitch Code is about showing you the secrets of the skinny bitches.

The Skinny Bitch Code is not a diet. The Skinny Bitch Code is not a programme.

The Skinny Bitch Code is knowledge about how your body works and how to apply that to your life, your tastes, your budget, your resources.

The Skinny Bitch Code is bloody hilarious, lighthearted and a tonne of fun to apply.

The future belongs to middle aged women. We have the wisdom and the experience to make a difference. You owe it to yourself, to your family & to your community to be the best and the healthiest you can be.

You deserve this.

(Money back guarantee – contact the galloping housewife after day 7 and before day 11 stating you’re not happy and get a full refund. No questions asked.)

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