the one that went viral

This is the post that I wrote in a few minutes that ended up going viral – at last count nearly 2,000,000 different people have seen it on Facebook. For me, it was the point that I realised that my story of not letting being an ordinary amateur rider and mother of two get in the way of my dreams, resonated with so many. 

Shiwon and Gosh from Novice to Grand Prix

‘Here is an ordinary rider on an ordinary horse. The rider is 31 and pregnant with her second child. She’s a part time nurse and this is her only horse. The horse is 10. He is a curious mix of Thoroughbred, Standardbred, Arab & Clydesdale. They are competing in a Novice test and neither of them have competed beyond this level.

The second photo is the same horse and rider six years later. They are competing in their first CDI 3* at GP level. The next year they will travel internationally to compete and the year after that they will represent their country at an Olympic selection trial. The rider is still an amateur, but she now has a young horse at home along with two school aged kids and a long-suffering husband.

Imagine if that rider had thought that she couldn’t possibly become an international rider because she was too old, a mother, not a pro, not talented enough, not rich enough.

Yes, that rider is the galloping housewife.

She doesn’t just believe that ordinary is a superpower, she has lived it.’